The Colossal Conundrum of Cosmetics

Blogging will forever be apart of my life

At the beginning of this 8 weeks course on blogging I was so excited to jump into the world of blogging, I’ve always wanted to do it but never really knew how. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be for me or not but i was open to it. As the weeks went on I found myself really enjoying blogging. After watching all the ted talks and learning all that i have about blogging, I love it! The most interesting thing I learned about blogging was how much it can connect us with strangers and get in depth with a persons life without ever meeting them. Blogging is so powerful whether it be a serious blog, funny, for health, or cooking its a way for people to share their ideas and its absolutely amazing. I plan on blogging for as long as i can, sharing my ideas and connecting with people. I have had such a great time learning all about blogging and being able to blog myself. This has been a great course! 

Does plastic surgery enrich people’s lives or destroy their identities?

Iain Hutchison: Saving faces: A plastic surgeon’s craft

Andrew Solomon: Love, no matter what

Inside-out: Fellows Friday with Lucy McRae

I wasn’t able to find anything related to my blog in these Ted talks but I was able to find something related to it and that was plastic surgery. Just like make up things things can change our outer appearances and make us into something different then what we naturally are.

After watching and reading all of the above Ted talks I was able to derive my own outlook on what cosmetic surgery can really do for a person and I definitely feel that I am for cosmetic surgery. In Ian Ted talk he discusses how these types of surgeries can be used to help people with deformities from malignant tumors on their faces and after they were removed he was able to bring their faces almost back to their original state and help people be able to live normal lives. No matter the deformity he was able to reconstruct the person face but had trouble with making the skin look back to normal but nevertheless these people who had their faces shot off or struggled with tumors were saved. In Andrews Ted talk the argue is that some people feel like these types of surgery’s take away a certain uniqueness from a person that they obtain form these deformity ex or disabilities. Some parents want to “fix” their children if for example their deaf because they are normal and feel like that the disability isn’t. Who’s to really say what identifies a person or what can take it away I fell like changing the outside doesn’t change who you are on the inside, it can actually help you show what’s on the inside better. It’s more likely that people are more afraid of deformed people think they are more violent which is terrible how we were built in a society where people are judged and unaccepted for being different. This last statement leads me into the last Ted talk where Lucy does what’s called body architecture, she takes unconventional things to change the appearances of human bodies to make them beautiful. I am in love with this Ted talk because in my opinion her art is amazing and beautiful, I myself have 14 tattoos and counting I am completely enveloped in this type of world. She also talks about scarification and body modifications which I myself have not gotten yet but plan on doing and I believe that whatever you feel you should look on the outside do it, express yourself to the fullest, be different and weird, be you!

My favorite talk is Lucy’s talk about body architecture because I’m just so fascinated with manipulating your body in the most extreme ways and making into an unconventional beautiful masterpiece. I love the idea of using different types of raw material to reflect on images of the body making them different than normal.
I have learned so much from these Ted talks and how the outlook is on plastic surgery. I am much more informed, this has changed my outlook detrimentally and I will forever go on with a much more positive thought about it. I can say that I am definitely a supporter in plastic surgery and body architecture.

Simple ways to monetize your blog!

personal blog entry 4:

Here are some easy and informative ways to begin to monetize your blog.

Step 1: Choose the best affiliate program suited to your blog.

An affiliate program pays you to promote and sell their products through affiliate marketing. You want to choose an affiliate program that goes along with your blog topic. This creates an atmosphere of readers already showing an interest in your blog and are more likely to buy products you promote.

Step2:Consider an affiliate aggregator service

Keep the majority of your content ad-free try putting these affiliate links in other places besides covering up your page. Programs such as VigLink gives the opportunity of not having to sign up for each affiliate program directly but does it for you basically and you get commission that way. This service also helps in creating affiliate links you couldn’t before simply by you talking about a product.

Step 3: Choosing what product to sell

You always want to try and sell a product that has been top ranked for selling you can find these things out on Google insights. You can then go to the affiliate marketers like amazon and find the most related product. You also want it to go along with the theme of your blog because people are going to be more open to buy things that interested them to your blog in the first place.

Step 4:Create a website

A really easy and customizable way to create a website would be wordPress. Make sure your site is themed just like your blog and your topic you discuss. Be sure to make your affiliate links known to the reader throughout your website by creating text links, banners, widgets, etc.

Step 5:Getting indexed and ranked

You can’t create backlinks unless your indexed so you have to submit your site to Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. A backlink is a hyperlink from one page to another page. Once your indexed you can start building links to get more traffic and better sales.

The Simplest Way To Become A Better Blogger

Irwin Lagman talks about the key on becoming a better blogger and what you can do to achieve these goals. He talks about how you need to think about your blogging as if it were a car and how when you’re on route to a destination that’s what you’ll be thinking about until you get to where your going but you can’t reach your destination without fuel. He speaks about fuel not being your skills but the life experiences you have lived and getting out and doing things. Living life instead of coasting through it is what’s going to give you inspiration and make you become a better writer.

My thoughts on this post are that yes without life experiences and inspiration there’s no way someone could stimulate the brain enough to write amazing things. Of course we all have imagination, more than others, but to jump start our thought process and matching words to smells, colors, etc. we need to get out and do the other things we enjoy to implement them on our writing. We can’t just enjoying doing one thing all the time so we need to get out and enjoy ourselves in order to be in the right frame of mind to write, also in this post he states that the brain actually works better when it’s tired, so go out and do a bunch of things during the day then come home and write because that is the best time to do so.




Dissecting the brain of technology, figuring out what it wants

I want to start by saying that technology in turn can’t want anything because ultimately we are the controllers of technology, the creators, so the question isn’t what technology wants, it’s what do we want from technology. When life was much more simpler the surrounded things we invented were merely things to survive, the invention of utensils, soap, basic things, now that we have become more developed we have chosen to create technology making the thinkable actually doable.We continue to create more technology because we as humans are natural inventors we’re constantly looking for things that will make living easier, better, faster, technology is evolving only because the world that we live in is requiring us to come up with better living styles. Technology can only be driven by humans nothing else, we’re the creators  but since this technology is what constantly surrounds us, it will always serve a precedence because it can’t just be taken away everyone will still be thinking of new things consisting of it. Technology has been imprinted in our brains and now there is absolutely no way of getting rid of it, our evolution depends solely on technology. We would be completely lost without technology. I believe that inanimate things can make decisions because the decision making is relying on the inanimate object for example we bring to life these inanimate objects by blogging, or social media so in a way inanimate objects are animate. My thoughts on the cyber quiz are that it’s become a much more dangerous world for our children to live in because they can become endangered from sitting in their own home with the use of the internet. I think we need to monitor our kids and make sure they are doing the right things on the internet and teach them the proper way to use the internet. I have actually never thought of my digital legacy and its actually really interesting to think about because it really gives me an incentive to continue blogging and actually create a digital legacy or myself so people who never knew me can. Social media can help bloggers by giving the reader more than one place to read the bloggers stuff and life but i think it hinders this as well by people being more interested in Facebook post than actual blogs out there. I personally would like to use Facebook to link up to my Tumblr because it will give my stuff a better chance at being noticed.